Reaching high, with Sustainable Fashion!

“The textile and clothing industry is a diverse and heterogeneous industry covering numerous activities. It is an important part of the European manufacturing industry playing a crucial role in the economy and social well-being in numerous regions of EU”

The European Commission recently published the report ”Mapping sustainable fashion opportunities for SMEs” which emphasizes that the transformation of companies towards more sustainable and resource-efficient business models, not only helps protect the environment but also provides a competitive advantage by creating important cost savings and boosting innovation for sustainability.

In order to update the textile and clothing industry, the labour force should be flexible and prepared to create sustainable products and to respond to global demands.
The CosTUmE project is in line with others European projects that are focus on new updated profiles for professionals working in the textile and clothing industry.
The CosTUmE project aims to create a new and attractive Clothing Technician profile and qualification recognized in EU (PT, ES, RO) and to mobilize young people and adults in their professional qualification in the VET system, through the acquisition of necessary skills for textile and clothing industry, by the strong connection to fashion, technical textiles, home textiles, sustainability, introduction of new materials and industry 4.0.

Currently, Romanian partners INCDTP and ASTRICONE are developing the resources for the Train the trainers focusing on the units of competences regarding Operating manufacturing machines, Undertaking the finishing of garments and accessories and Using quality and technical standards, introducing aspects about circular economy, digitization and technical textiles.

If you are a professional or a company from the clothing and textile sector, please contact [email protected] and find out how you can participate in the project’s activities and implement this new and updated clothing technician profile!