With an experience of 14 years, ASTRICONE understands the textile and clothing needs for trained personnel!

Astrico Nord-Est Association (ASTRICONE) is partner of the Erasmus+ project CosTUmE – Clothing Technician Profile Update via Education. The project aims to create a new Professional Profile / Qualification for Clothing Technician that meets the needs of the textile and clothing sector and to develop innovative methodologies to attract and mobilize young people and adults to the sector.

ASTRICO NORD-EST Association is an industrial group of yarns and garments producers based in the North-East region of Romania. The goals of this partnership are to strengthen already existing relationships as well as to identify all opportunities in order to achieve high added-value products through technology transfer and innovation.

With an experience of 14 years, ASTRICONE understands the textile and clothing needs for trained personnel in accordance with the market demands. Within the project, ASTRICONE has participated at the elaboration of the Roadmap on Qualification Needs and WBL Good Practices for the T&C sector, at the development of the new Clothing Technician profile and qualification and has developed a Tutorial guide for mobility which integrates concrete orientations for VET institutions and students to understand how they can participate in a mobility period and the contact data of different VET institutes and textile companies that usually host apprenticeships, in the three partner countries (Romania, Spain, Portugal).

Furthermore, ASTRICONE has established contact with the Romanian National VET Authorities in order to present them the project results and to start cooperation for the recognition of qualification according to the national requirements.

Currently, ASTRICONE, together with the Romanian partner, INCDTP, is preparing the implementation of the train the trainers week. This activity represents a training action that will be implemented in Romania involving 10 T&C trainers in order to present them the training package developed within the project. The training package contains 9 competence units of the technological training framework.

If you are a professional or a company from the clothing and textile sector, please contact [email protected] and find out how you can participate in the project’s activities and implement this new and updated clothing technician profile!