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VET Providers




Centro Tecnológico das Indústrias Têxtil e do Vestuário de Portugal
Rua Fernando Mesquita, nº 2785, 4760-034 Vila Nova de Famalicão
Contact person: Mrs. Alexandra Cardoso


Madrid Fashion Association
Contact person: Lucía Soriano


The National Research&Development Institute for Textiles and Leather – INCDTP
Contact person: Mrs. Sabina Olaru

Astrico Nord-Est Association – ASTRICONE
Contact person: Mrs. Carmen Boiciuc

Who can submit for apprenticeship?

International mobility for apprenticeship in VET institutions and companies is open to participants to the Clothing Technician training program from Portugal, Romania and Spain.

What mobility activities can a trainee apply for?

A trainee of the Clothing Technician training program can apply for apprenticeship within VET institutions or companies for Portugal, Romania and Spain that are interested and willing to host this activity for free. These VET institutions and companies are presented in the tables with the tutorial guide with their contact data.

How do I apply to apprenticeship abroad?

You will need to apply through the National contact points (NCP) presented in this tutorial guide by indicated your interest in a VET institution or company. Afterward, the VET institution or company will be contacted to establish a period and the duration for the apprenticeship and the content of the activities.

Which trainees are eligible for mobility?

In order to be eligible, a trainee must be registered in Clothing Technician training program in Portugal, Romania or Spain and submit a request for apprenticeship in one of the countries mentioned below. It is not required for the trainee to have the nationality of the country of the VET institution that organized the training program.

What language will be used during apprenticeship?

The apprenticeship will be done using one of the official languages of the European Union, usually English for foreign trainees or national language for local trainees.

What is the maximum mobility period?

Trainees can go on mobility for the entire practice period of the clothing Technician training program (varies from country to another).

How will the credits be recognized after the mobility?

Depending on the hours allocated in a Credit Unit (CU) in each country, the training outcomes will be recognized entirely or must be supplemented with practice in the same area, e.g. transversal skills/digital skills. For example, if a Romanian trainee that studied the Raw material module with 20 hours and wants to go to Spain, where this module has 60 hours will have to supplement it with transversal training.

Where can I find the list of VET institutions and companies available for apprenticeship?

The list of Vet institutions and companies willing to host apprentices for Clothing Technician training program is presented in the tutorial guide, sorted by country and also in the mobility page. Also, their website is available in order to get more information about their activity.

What costs are supported for the apprenticeship?

The apprenticeship is for free, but the trainee should cover himself the travel, accommodation and daily allowance costs (except if you come under an Erasmus+ – KA1).

Where can I find information of accommodation?

The tutorial guide offers information on accommodation in the three participant countries, by regions depending on the location of the Vet institutions and companies. Also, contacting the National contact points you can get detailed information about travel and accommodation in the area of the VET institution or company.