Reaching you with public events


With all our results in place, it was time to present the full list of our achievements!

The closing of the CosTUmE project, after 2 years of extensive work, has been signaled with the Multiplier events that happened in all three participating countries. More than 90 participants joined face2face and online the CosTUmE celebrations and interacted with the consortium, getting to know first hand the usefulness of the innovative methodology that was developed. In these events, the future of the Clothing sector was discussed thanks to the participation of experts, testimonials of the trained professionals were shared and the promise of a continuance has been strongly founded with the national partners.

In Portugal, the public presentation of the European CosTUmE project results, included presentations by ATP, CITEVE, MODATEX and INOVA+. Lutz Walter (Euratex), João Santos (EC – DG Employment, Social Affairs and Inclusion) discussed the “New challenges for industry and the impact on skills”.

In Spain, in the form of a special conference hosted by ASECOM and with the participation of AITEX, the discussion combined the reality of the current situation of the fashion industry with the presentation of project COSTUME and innovative ideas. A strong focus was on the restructuring as a solution to the current situation of the textile-fashion industries.

In Romania, the event was held on-line, and were presented the project and the results achieved . The participants discussed interactively about the general framework of adult education and training in Romania and about the activities that are currently in implementation. The Romanian national VET authorities representatives presented the efforts made so far for updating the textile&clothing National Qualifications and for the development of new adult vocational training programmes. And in the end, the Romanian partners reinforced the need for cooperation and agreed to provide the National Agencies with all the information in order to adapt the Clothing Technician Profile to the Romanian legislation.


If you are a professional or a company from the clothing and textile sector, please contact [email protected] and find out how you can participate in the project’s activities and implement this new and updated clothing technician profile!