A project to cover the needs of the textile and fashion sector.

Knowing the needs of the sector and being close to their companies. ASECOM supports and works on a project to train a new technical profile.

Since 1977 ASECOM (Association of Fashion and Clothing Companies of the Community of Madrid) has been promoting the business development of the fashion industry and defending private enterprise as the basic nucleus of job creation, wealth and economic and social well-being.

ASECOM is aware of small businesses and their needs, which is why it got involved in the COSTUME project.

Through CosTUmE, a new and attractive profile will be created for garment technicians whose potential is demanded by companies. To this end, all partners have developed the new Clothing Technician profile and qualification, as well as instruments to potentiate mobility in the countries involved in the project, and ECVET matrix and a mobility guide.

The resources that have been developed so far will be tested with the last step called „train the trainers” involving 30 trainers in 3 countries, besides being translated into English, Portuguese, Spanish and Romanian.

Once tested, we hope to be able to bring this training to the companies and professionals for the acquisition of the necessary skills for the textile and clothing industry.

If you are a professional or a company from the clothing and textile sector, please contact [email protected] and find out how you can participate in the project’s activities and implement this new and updated clothing technician profile!