The CosTUmE network sessions were a huge success!

The CosTUmE network sessions were a huge success!


Since the beginning of the project, partners have been working intensely together in order to create a network that promotes efficient work for the identified thematics of CosTUmE. The established ecosystem of identified stakeholders (companies and VET providers) was later called in action and involved in the elaborated task of assisting the development of a strategy for updating the Profile & Qualification as well as the Training offered for the Clothing Technicians.

The above task was realized as a part of the WP3, and in the format of “network sessions” that were held (three in each participating country) in Portugal (by CITEVE), in Spain (by AITEX) and in Romania (by INCDTP). There, a total of 5 Representatives from the National authorities, 34 Representatives of the textile and clothing companies and 51 VET experts, worked together in groups with the purpose of analysing the deliverables of the WP2 (Mapping Qualification needs and WBL good practices for the textile and clothing sector) and incorporating their experience to the vision of the project.

From these sessions, there was provided invaluable input for the formulation of the new Profile and Qualification in accordance with EQF and taking into consideration the existing ECVET recommendations. Each network in the respective countries created the Clothing technician profile following a structured scheme.

In general, the profile integrates transversal contents related to soft skills, technical contents and apprenticeship.

You can find the results here: